Short Stories

My Alien Lover

Aliens Among Us

My Alien Lover: A Sci-Fi Romance Anthology
Skygazer Publishing 10/01/2021

Gorgeous Aliens + Exotic Worlds = Hot Times!

Join eight USA Today and International bestselling authors as they spin their tales of hot aliens and the people who love them. Whether set in a faraway world, or taking place right here on earth, these eight action packed novellas are full of sci-fi, adventure and, of course, romance!

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A Very Sci-Fi Halloween
L.H. Whitlock
Two worlds collide when a feisty alien finds herself transported to Earth…on Halloween!

My Alien Masseuse
S.G. Minae
After divorce, Gabby thinks her life is over. When she meets sexy alien Mik, her erotic masseuse, she learns it’s just beginning.

To Shape My Love
Natalie Wish
Garreth will do anything to keep the broken alien he fell in love with. Even return to being a prince.

Her Heavenly Assassin
A.M. Proctor
Tropical bartender Myla can’t stomach the aliens in her paradise hometown of New Key West until she’s kidnapped by her heavenly assassin, Kael, who is on a mission of bloody vengeance.

Aliens of Xytarria: Harper’s Awakening
Zoey Indiana
On a planet where humans are a prized commodity, she’ll build a pod that fulfils her every desire.

Which One?
C.Y. Croc
What does an ugly duckling do when three hunks compete to date her? She secretly dates them all! But three’s a crowd—especially three angry aliens with claws, horns and tails?

Mel’s Escape: Intergalactic Alliances
Mara Jaye
An alien officer must save the Earth woman he wants and complete his undercover mission.

Aliens Among Us
Claire Davon
He came from another galaxy and stole her heart. Their love will shake up two worlds, but can it survive deadly assassins?


He put the glass to his lips. The beer was bitter and reminded him of Vargian tenjo, a grain that he didn’t like. He set the thing down. He must have made a face because Laurel laughed.

“I guess no beer for you.” She handed him her drink. “Try this. It’s wine. Made from fermented grapes.”

The translator gave him the words. His mind supplied the image of green globes of fruit, similar to what they had at home. The wine, as she had named it, slid down his throat, replacing the nasty taste of the first beverage.

“Better,” he affirmed. She waved, and the bartender scurried over with a glass for him. He noted that the patrons had cleared a space around them, leaving the stools empty.

He tried to discount the part of him that said that he needed to get Laurel to safety. She had volunteered. Nonetheless, the idea that she could get hurt lay on his psyche like a stone.

Ting slid Wollee the beer when the Vargi joined him. The red-tinted man took it with a grunt and hefted it before downing it in one gulp.

“That’s good,” he said but made no move to order more. “We are being monitored.”

“As intended. What can you tell us?” Ting fought the urge to tug Laurel to him and protect her.

“Two men came in after us. They ordered their drinks, but they have gone untouched. The way they hold themselves suggests law enforcement, although they are not clothed in that manner. Nor are they familiar from our recent time at their headquarters. They are pretending not to pay attention to us, but their focus returns every few moments.”  He nodded toward them.

“Is that everything?” Ting took note of the men Wollee mentioned. One held his hand low to his body out of sight. He met one of their stares and the man flicked his gaze at Ting before turning to talk to his companion.

“There are also two who are standing by that large table with covering on it and holes in the corners. They took note of me and stopped talking, but started again as soon as I was gone. They did not order when the woman with a tray asked them if they needed anything else.” Wollee nodded to the back where a strange low table sat.

Ting focused on the area as two men with decorations on their skin glared at him and Wollee in return. And Laurel. His jaw tightened. The man glowered at him, his teeth baring. His attention shifted from Laurel to Ting and back to Laurel.

Whatever was about to happen, it was coming.