Short Stories

Waters of Destruction

A New Ocean (one of fourteen drabbles)

Waters of Destruction
Fantasia Divinity 10/20/2020

Flow along with the water through four chapters sorted by genre as our authors take you away to other worlds, different aspects of our own, or even into the glistening waters of nightmares and horror! With only 100 words, where will the water take you?

Featuring: Aditya Deshmukh, Amber M. Simpson, Andrea Eaker, Ann Christine Tabaka, Annie Percik, AR Johnson, Brianna Witte, Chandler Warren, Claire Davon, Connor Sassmannshausen, Curtis A. Deeter, Dawn DeBraal, Denny E. Marshall, DM Burdett, E. Jarzembski, Eddie D. Moore, Erica Schaef, Frank Kozusko, G. Allen Wilbanks, Gabriella Balcom, Galina Trefil, Graham Robert Scott, Hayley Arrington, J.A. Henderson, Jacek Wilkos, Jennifer Carr, K.T. Tate, Kaustubh Nadkarni, Kelly Matsuura, Kevin J. Kennedy, KT Morley, L.L. Asher, Madison McSweeney, Malena Salazar Macia, Mark Kodama, Matthew M. Montelione, N.M. Brown, Nerisha Kemraj, Norbert Gora, Olivia Arieti, Raven Corinn Carluk, Rennie St. James, Rhiannon Bird, Sammi Cox, Sandy Butchers, Shawn M. Klimek, Shelly Macaroy, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Stephen Herczeg, Stew Brown, Sue Marie St. Lee, Terri A. Arnold, Thomas Sturgeon Jr., Tom O’Brien, Umair Mirxa, V. Mylynne Smith, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Ximena Escobar, and Zoey Xolton.

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The situation was desperate or we never would have attempted it.

When our ship crash landed on the icy planet we thought we were doomed—until we discovered the underground ocean beneath the frigid mantle.

Using the supplies from our ship and the scientific knowledge stored in our databases, we set out to transform ourselves into beings who could live on this world. It was either that or die. We did not have enough supplies to survive for long.

Now we stood at the edge of the ocean, knowing we had no choice.

As one, we dove into the water.