Protecting Her Wolf

Title: Protecting Her Wolf
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Published by: Claire Davon
Release Date: 2/2/2024
Pages: 86
ISBN13: 978-1-946621-36-8
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When an agonized howl splits the night, Addison’s oracle talent compels her to race into the night to rescue the wounded, bleeding creature. But when the wolf shifts into six-feet-two of silver-eyed male, she realizes he’s the man who’s been haunting her dreams—waking and sleeping.

 One moment, Miles felt an irresistible compulsion to shift and run under the light of the moon. The next, he wakes up naked in an unfamiliar house filled with the aura of an extraordinary woman who touches him, mind, body, and soul.

 Try as she might, Addison can’t seem to make her power show why this man triggers her talent. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, she must ignore the perfection of his broad-shouldered body, because the last thing she needs on her plate is more trouble.

Surrounded by shifters who view them with suspicion, Miles and Addison race against time to figure out who wants Miles dead—before the dark wave of danger rising in Addison’s mind crashes over them both.

Something danced at the back of her consciousness. Addison focused on the premonition. She was aware that Miles was studying her, but chose to pay attention to the thing that was happening rather than answer his unspoken question.

Whatever was tickling her talent was important. She held still, clearing her thoughts of all distractions, including the delicious man filling her senses.

He would have to wait.

The visions came, as they often did, cloaked in mist. She got flashes of a wolf running for its life in the woods, and the way the wolves behind him were loping, Miles was losing ground.

Three gray forms were trying to triangulate him as they dashed through the trees. The wound on his front leg confirmed this was a vision and not a memory. It hampered him and he was falling back with every step. The wolves would catch him in no time and then…she couldn’t contemplate what would happen.

She came to herself with her guest staring at her. He had a stillness that she associated with a predator stalking prey. She gave a quick shake of her head before he could open his mouth and groped for her coffee. Whatever unspoken question he was about to utter died on his lips. She watched him as he closed down, his expression going cold and remote.

“Later. I’ve got to do some analysis. We will discuss it, but I need to make sense of it first. Okay?”

The muscle that jumped at the back of his jaw suggested Miles was having a hard time letting things go. She waited, wondering if he would press it.

“All right. I don’t have the right to push you.” His hands tensed on the table and his eyes were hard chips of gray.

“I’m not used to being questioned. My parents died when I was a teenager, and I’ve been on my own since then. I don’t have many relatives, and am not close to the ones I do have. They don’t live around here. I’ve been running my own show for years now and making my own decisions. For however long you’re here, you’re going to have to accept that I may do things that are strange to you, but I’m always doing them for good.”

“Whatever good is to you.”

Red stained her vision at the insult. Her breathing came fast, and she couldn’t help the shudder that ran through her.

He let out a startled cry when she flinched. “Oh wow, I did not intend that like it came out.” When she still stayed silent, he half rose, stretching a hand out to her. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to imply…”

“Didn’t you?” She struggled to keep her voice even while white hot fury coursed through her. Fury made red color her vision, and she had to fight the urge to get up and leave him behind.

“Not like that. You’ve been good to me and…I’m sorry. Truly.”

“There a problem here?”

Rory came swaggering over, his thumbs hooked into the belt loops in the front of his jeans. He glared at Miles before focusing on the woman next to him.

She took several breaths to fight back the fury surging inside her. No good could come of Rory seeing her agitated.

“All good. Thanks. We should go. Are you done?” She rose, not giving him time to answer, and gave Rory a quick hug, which he tried to prolong. She slid away and went outside to cool down. The air was turning warmer, with just a hint of the morning still in the wind.

Rory was still talking to Miles inside the diner. As her temper began to recede, Addison regretted her outburst. She doubted Miles had meant his words the way they sounded, but she’d been too mad to be rational. She’d had to get out.

Realization hit her like a thunderbolt. She’d been compelled to leave. They hadn’t even finished their meal.

“Hey!” She caught his attention and gestured to the car. “Come on.”

He flew out in a rush, moving to her in long strides.

“Wait, I’m…”

“We have to go. Right now.”