Title: Overture
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Published by: Wild Rose Press
Release Date: 5/11/22
Pages: 264
ISBN13: 978-1509242252


Ally Wilson should have been a slam dunk for VP until transplanted marketing executive Dirk Roberts takes what's rightfully hers. A dubious reputation dogs Dirk, and her boss wants her to keep an eye on him. One look from Dirk's searing sensual gaze and her world shifts.

Dirk never intended to be in Los Angeles, but a shattered reputation forced him to take desperate measures. He wants to repair his name and get out of the sprawling city. Ally's haunting curves and undeniable appeal won't change that, much as he yearns for her.

Their coming together is inevitable, as is the waiting disaster if their relationship becomes known. Can two damaged souls find happiness—or will their pasts destroy them?

If he had been on fire before, now a full-on conflagration rushed through him. His body surged at the sensation of her curves. Her breath rushed out, warm and cold at the same time. Her lips were so close. He needed only to shift forward minutely to be kissing her. He peered into her eyes. Awareness flared in them as well. She smelled of snow—and woman. In her gaze was the promise of home and family. All the things he hadn’t expected to find in Los Angeles.

He wanted to kiss her. He had to kiss her. Just as he was closing the distance, she made a low sound and backed away. He released her, trying to be glad that it hadn’t happened. It would commit him to something he wasn’t prepared for. He couldn’t see what good could come out of being with her, yet he craved it like fire.

“I guess I am getting cold.”

He sighed, trying to control his reaction. The time was lost. He should be grateful he hadn’t done something stupid.

He longed for the missed opportunity.

“Can’t have you catching your death. Let’s get back in that car of yours and put on the heat. Then you can take me farther up into these mountains. Unless you need chains?”

She shook her head.

He should be grateful they hadn’t breached the gap. Once they did, there would be no going back.

He told himself that’s what he was feeling. Gratitude.

Sure, he was.