Of Water and Fire

Title: Of Water and Fire
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Release Date: 4/7/19
Pages: 98
ISBN13: 978-1946621092


Of Water and Fire

As a siren, water is Emilia’s element, her song is her gift. Gabe, descended from gods of fire, should be her polar opposite. Instead, against all odds, they are soulmates.

But there’s a new boy on campus. Impossibly handsome, Rector’s predatory gaze follows her everywhere. Something about him tells her he’s not who—or what—he seems. And soon, to save everyone she loves, she may have no choice to unleash her song. As a weapon.

 Siren’s Crush

(Prequel to Of Water and Fire)

When her friend Gabe transforms from adorable dork to campus hottie over summer break, Emilia can’t help the twinge of sadness in her heart. As a siren in hiding, loving a mortal could never work. Still, she can’t resist his invitation for a weekend road trip. But there’s something hot and steamy in the air—and it’s not her car’s broken A/C…

Rising Melody

As the daughter of a legendary siren, Rena is resigned that she’ll never even be a footnote in history. Nobody remembers a siren who can’t carry a tune. But when she learns she takes after a very different branch of the family, she faces a heartbreaking choice. Stay and be a nobody, or go far from home…and learn to fly.

In the distance she heard the volcano rumble. Gabe didn’t respond, although she thought she felt him shudder in time to the volcano. The dolphins chittered in alarm.

They broke the surface as one entity, shark, dolphin, man and siren. To her relief the boat was only feet away. Emilia kicked toward it, feeling her gills and tail diminish as she willed them away. She saw the lights of what could only be Rector’s boat a short distance away. She couldn’t fathom what the lunatic was thinking. Perhaps the goddess of frenzy and her descendants were none too stable. She didn’t have time to care. The sandbar shark transformed into Maleko who helped Emilia get Gabe on board. Emilia’s heart raced at the sight of his still figure. She had never learned CPR, there was no need.

The man took Gabe and laid him flat and positioned himself over Gabe’s ribs, gesturing to Emilia to begin mouth to mouth. Gabe was still and it was all Emilia could do not to cry. Together they worked on Gabe for a few heart stopping moments to no effect.

Then to her profound relief, her boyfriend heaved out a giant breath. Emilia turned his head to the side so Gabe could cough up the remaining water. It dribbled from his mouth and he sighed a shaky breath.

“What happened?” Emilia asked, her gaze going from Gabe to the shifter.

Maleko made a dismissive gesture. “It does not matter. Right now, there are more urgent matters to attend to. Haleakalā is angry. Pele is furious. So is the sea god. The great-grandson of Lyssa disturbs them all.”

Gabe spit up more salt water, his breath coming in short gasps. To her relief, his eyes were clear. “Thank…you…” he wheezed.

“No time for thanks,” Maleko said, pointing to where the rise of the volcano could be seen by the light of the setting sun.

It wasn’t fair to ask Maleko for another favor, but rage filled her vision with the need to act.

“Can you watch things here for a few minutes? I have something I have to do.”

“Yes, if you are going after the godling.” Maleko pointed toward the other boat. Emilia nodded her agreement.

“I am.”

“Good. You are not who Pele would have chosen for vengeance but gods are practical. A siren’s song is a weapon that all fear. I will protect myself from your melody.”

Before she could react, there was a thump and a grinding sound. Emilia yelped and jumped back. Her gaze darted to her left and she saw Rector’s boat inches from theirs. He had come up on them on their blind side. She cursed at their inattention.

“You will give me what I want or I will kill your boyfriend,” Rector said, his voice audible above the waves.

She heard a splash and moments later he climbed onto their boat. Rector’s boat began drifting away from them.

Gabe got to his feet, his movements slower than she would have liked. He still looked a bit dazed, his face and body still wet with salt water. Maleko stayed at the captain’s area, keeping the boat steady.

“Goddamn you, siren, you will sing for me now!” Rector lunged for Emilia. The light from his boat cut across their bow in a back and forth manner, swinging as his boat did, from one side to the other.

“Emilia, behind me,” Gabe said and stepped in front of her, his large body blocking her from Rector’s lunge. The other man growled. The boat dipped in the waves, the roar of the engine loud. “You don’t get her song,” Gabe spat. “You need to get off this boat. You are not welcome around us. Pele doesn’t want you here. Can you feel the volcano? That is because you dare to disturb the Hawaiian gods.”

“I do not care about the petty gods of these stupid islands. My pantheon is greater than theirs,” Rector said and in the red light his face looked like a mask. “You will sing for me or I will post tomorrow. Then all the world will know what you are.”

“You are a fool to ignore these gods,” Gabe said and Emilia stepped out from behind him. He held an arm over her crossways.

A frantic look crossed Rector’s face and his hands clenched at his sides. His face twisted, crunching up and then releasing. Then he let out a roar of pure rage.

Rector lunged for her and Gabe blocked his path. The boat rocked and Emilia put a hand on the railing. Spray from the ocean below hit her skin, making her begin her transformation into her siren form. She yearned to go into the water.

Rector’s mouth opened wide.