It’s Not Love

Title: It's Not Love
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Release Date: December 7, 2013
Pages: 118


The small town of Wenswaller is shaken the day bad boy Judson Walker returns to town. There to suffer through the terms of his father’s will to gain his inheritance, and for no other reason, sexually charged Judson is delighted when his former childhood friend’s younger sister, Lily Jennings, turns up, all grown up and ready for a good time.

This no-holds-barred, no-strings-attached liaison quickly stirs up the town and sets tongues wagging. When Judson fled the town years before, he’d left behind a trail of speculation and gossip. Lily also had escaped the town, but she returned to care for her mother. Their encounter was intended to be a short romp in the sack, something to pass the time between mutually attractive – and attracted – people. Their pact is to have sex while they are in town but, when the time comes, to part ways with no regret.

Quickly, though, they find themselves enmeshed in each other’s lives, and their physical satisfaction reaches a new plane. With each discovery about themselves, and the lives of their families, the question becomes – is it only sex? Or could this be love? Or will the terms of their pact hold, and will they leave each other, never knowing what else their relationship could have been?


“Claire Davon is an author who knows how to write an intensely hot story with lots of twists and turns”
–Amazon reviewer Holly Wood


“Lily Jennings. You’re not…” he gestured to the shorts that would be perfect in metropolitan cities but were far too short for this sleepy half horse town, “not the little girl I remember.” A vague sense memory of an annoying child in pigtails wanting to play with him and Scooter raced through his mind before the reality of the pretty woman in front of him drove it off.

“Hell no,” she said emphatically, winking at him even while she crossed her arms under her naked breasts. His attention was riveted by her hard nipples surrounded by the dark aerolas. Reaching out, he ran his thumb over her crests and watched, fascinated, as they tightened further. Lily’s eyes darkened to a forest green and she shuddered. “I live in Atlanta now. Mama’s been in an accident as you know and Scooter couldn’t come, so I offered to take care of her.”

Scooter Jennings. His only real friend from childhood. So this was the snot-nosed sister, the little tomboy that tried to follow them around, much to his annoyance. Sometimes Mama Jennings made them take her with them, imposing on their fun.

It didn’t seem like such an imposition anymore.

“Scooter. He’s doing radio.”

He was rewarded by a thousand-watt smile, her teeth even and perfect. Had they always been that perfect? He had no memory of braces but he’d barely paid Lily Jennings any attention growing up.

“Quick. Smart. I like that in a man.” It may have been sarcasm, but there was no edge to her voice. She held out her hand for a glass and Judson quickly poured a mint julep into a free heavy crystal cut glass. Lily took a sip and grimaced.

“God, I hate these things.” She looked at him sideways and his body tightened. Despite just having been gotten off, he wanted to roll her onto her back and bury himself inside her.

“Me too. But they have alcohol and they are here.”

She pressed the glass to her forehead until he wanted to lick the condensation off of it…and her.

“True.” Lily took a healthy swig and looked at him. “Bad Boy Walker.”

“I’m not so bad.”

She stopped him by leaning over and pressing her hand against his mouth. Her mouth still gleamed faintly wet with remaining saliva.

“I like bad,” she murmured and replaced her hand with her mouth, grazing him with his lips.

He’d had women be the aggressor before. He knew without vanity that he attracted women and many had approached him – and he’d let many have him. But never had he wanted to throw a woman down and take her on the veranda, no matter who was there. Especially not the brat sister of his only decent friend in this nowhere place. Before he could deepen the kiss to the intimate French kisses he preferred, she broke it off.

“I like your tat,” she said, stepping back and pulling his arms perpendicular to his body to admire the wings that looped around his forearms and biceps. “Based on the Michael Whelan dragon designs?”

Judson nodded and Lily turned him around and traced the ink of his iridescent dragon that stretched along most of his back. It sparkled in the setting sun and Judson found that he was having a hard time staying still under her tracing fingers. Even though he had just come he felt his cock start to harden again at her touch.

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