The Mormo’s Protection

Title: The Mormo's Protection
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Published by: Claire Davon
Release Date: 10/15/2019
Pages: 208
ISBN13: 978-1946621108


Once, Nyssa’s kind were feared, even worshipped. Now the Mormo barely exist on the fringes of memory. Until a voice blazes across her mind like a bright silver thread. Curious, she traces it across an ocean to discover how a mere human invokes a goddess.

 She finds a man with something elusive shielded within his bright, sunny aura...and a touch that sends a shock of awareness through her body.

 The Greek version of the boogeyman temporarily entertained Stavros Leandros’ folktale-obsessed young daughter. But when a beautiful, mysterious woman shows up at his law office—and saves him from a savage, whip-wielding creature that’s definitely not a cosplayer—he realizes his mother’s old bedtime story was no myth.

 Deep in Stavros’ bloodline lies a forbidden connection to the ancient gods, and a wellspring of untapped power. That nearly forgotten story was like a homing beacon, and now an unstoppable goddess is hunting him down. And if she can’t get her whip around him, she will lash out at those he loves the most…


I really enjoyed this story, The Mormo's Protection. I had not read anything from Claire Davon before and was very happy to see that she is a very skilled paranormal story-teller. Her characters have depth and dimension and are written so that they are likeable - a must have in any story! 


He strode toward her and offered his hand. She stared at it for a moment and then shook it. “Stavros Leandros,” he said, and then pointed to the door where the metal sign proclaiming his name and profession was mounted. “In case you weren’t trying to find me, I’m the lawyer. If you’re trying to find Alan Weinstein, the accountant, he’s the next door down. All these offices look alike.”

When she took his hand, it was warm and dry; he had the feel of a man who spent time outdoors. An electric shock ran through her at the mere touch of his hand, and she pulled hers back at the unexpected sensation.

“Nyssa Kolakas. I was in search of you,” she said.

A quick probe of his mind displayed that he had natural shields that would prevent her from using her psychic abilities. She could breach them, but it would not be immediate. There was something else lurking in his aura that eluded her. She pressed and caught a faint feeling of goodwill and prosperity before it faded.

“How can I help you? I don’t have much time. Jeff should be here any second. I can take an appointment. I’m afraid my secretary is gone for the…well, forever since I don’t have one. I’m booked today, but what about tomorrow? I’m not the best in New York, but I charge a reasonable fee per hour, and I am good at getting the job done.”

He had an open, good-natured face with lines at the eyes and along his cheeks, the type you might get when you smiled. His sunny aura indicated he did a lot of smiling. Except for now. As she watched, a worry crease started in his brow, and his body began to tense.

She had stayed silent too long. “Tomorrow would be fine. I apologize for coming in like this, but the door was open, and I did not realize you had appointments. I thought…” She trailed off. She hadn’t prepared any sort of cover story in her haste to get here or on the long flight over. She went back over her card reading, and then focused her attention on the man standing in front of her. His hands clenched and unclenched at his sides, and his regard went to the door as though wondering if he was going to try to get her out of there.

“Great,” he said with false cheer. “I’ll set up a time.”

He was turning back to his computer when the door imploded.