Loving the Vargi


After years slaving away at a dead-end job, Laurel gets the chance to join a party welcoming the Vargi—a peaceful extra-terrestrial race—to her city. Even better, it puts her in close proximity to a Vargi whose sun-colored skin and rich golden hair have filled her fantasies since the moment he first appeared on her TV screen.

 Just as she’s daydreaming about what’s under his uniform, bullets fly from the direction of a band of “Aliens go home” protesters. Acting on sheer instinct, Laurel throws herself between her Vargi and danger.

 Ting’arak never felt the impulse to bind himself to anyone. Until now—with the Terran sprawled across his body. But it’s impossible. He shouldn’t be wondering if her eyes are really as blue as the rare flowers on his home planet, or if her yellow hair feels as soft as it looks.

 Thrown together to track down the would-be assassins, Ting and Laurel share a kiss that flares into passion. But when his secret plan to trap the culprits backfires, her courage could be the very thing that separates them forever…

Note: Loving the Vargi was previously published under the title Aliens Among Us as part of the My Alien Lover anthology. Other than a few minor tweaks, it is essentially unchanged from its original edition.

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