Gorgon’s Price


Euryale will never forget the day the gods turned her into a monster. After millennia, her heart beats faster at the idea of regaining her normal form. For the feel of skin and not scales, hair and not snakes. But the price could be too high.

Knowing full well the gods can’t be trusted, Euryale agrees to take on a reluctant partner to track down whoever is murdering a growing number of gods. A murderer no one cared about until the killings edged uncomfortably close to bigger and bigger pantheons. Tracking the murderers down is the price she has to pay for her newly restored form—and that of her two equally cursed sisters.

Asher’s unusual gift for eerily horrific sound effects make him a highly sought-after voiceover artist. While he keeps a low profile, there has always been a ticking time bomb in the form of the bargain between his banshee mother and his father, the god Ares. It’s time to pay up—or pay with his life.

As Euryale and Asher dance around their mutual mistrust, the friction ignites a fire of unexpected attraction. But love is almost as impossible as the dangerous task ahead. Because even if the murderers don’t stab them in the back, the fickle gods certainly will.


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Freeing the Hamadryad


By day, Taimi is just another Brooklyn high school student, five-foot-nothing of still-growing teen. By night? She’s a 15-foot dogwood tree, trapped in her adopted mother’s enspelled rooftop garden.

Taimi longs for a normal life, especially if it involves the tall, dark-haired, totally intriguing young man who somehow slips past her mother’s wards. The young man whose mere touch to her nighttime bark makes her shiver.

 Ranger moved into his aunt’s apartment to help her with one task—use his dragon-shifter gift to free a tree girl from captivity. He never thought laying one hand on the potted dogwood tree would change everything.

 Taimi could almost let herself get lost in her attraction to Ranger, but when they discover the disturbing truth about who she is and what powers infuse her from leaf to limb, it could be too late for Ranger to free her from her root-bound prison.

 Note: This book was originally part of a YA limited box set called Queens of Wings and Storms.

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Gorgon’s Quest


Thanks to her sister Euryale’s bargain with the gods, former gorgon Stheno is back in human form—but far from comfortable in her skin. As the fiercest warrior of her three sisters, she mourns her tough, beastly hide and snaky hair.

 The last thing anyone would call Stheno is girly—much less beautiful—but before she sets out to find her lost, mortal sister, Medusa, she googles a salon at random to cut off her annoyingly long hair. Her stylist is Marwen, a man with compelling, light-brown eyes that glow with an otherworldly light.

 The last of Stheno’s unruly locks barely hit the floor when the first attack comes, and in a heartbeat they’re on the run. As their passion ignites, they realize they didn’t meet by chance. They’re both entangled in a prophecy drawing them inexorably toward one fated conclusion: Medusa. But there’s a faction working just as hard to make sure it never happens.

To save her sister, Stheno will have to face her fear—that once she unleashes her beast, Marwen won’t look upon her with love any more, but with horror.

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Storming Time


Rescuing compromised Universe agents is nothing new for Zared Hersh. A fast car, a little rain-and-fog manipulation to cover his tracks, and his job is done. But when Hannah Nickels dives into his front seat, something about her aquamarine eyes strikes him like lightning.

 Thank God she’s not psychic, or she’d be reading his hormones like a book.

 Hannah’s been groomed to join Universe practically from the moment her time-freezing talent emerged. But recently, her power’s been glitchy. She knows she’s in trouble, and the last thing she needs is her instant attraction to Zared’s solid body and dark good looks.

 When their escape is almost derailed by someone with a strange new light-manipulating gift, only Hannah’s chrono talent gets them safely back to Universe HQ. In the relative safety of Richmond, their relationship grows. But Hannah has a second, more dangerous power that few know about. And as her control slips, someone with a hidden agenda sets her up to fall—straight into Whisper’s trap.

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Gorgon’s Release


Medusa awakens in an unfamiliar cave, catches a glimpse of her reflection in a pool—and screams. Her thick hide, claws, snake-hair, even her ability to turn anyone into a garden statue with a look, all gone. The heart-stopping beauty that caused her and her sisters’ downfall is restored.

 Confused, uncertain, vulnerable in her weak human body, she sets out across an unfamiliar countryside, where she meets a stranger from whom she can’t tear her once-deadly gaze.

 The first time Olivier lays eyes on Medusa, awareness hits him low and hard. Her penetrating gaze ignites desires deep in his psyche, and an awareness that brought him across an ocean to await the answer to his great-grandfather’s cryptic message: Now is the time.

 A secret in Olivier’s bloodline could help Medusa fulfill a prophecy to cause the downfall of the gods. But as they race to discover its final missing pieces, the truth becomes clear. They could be pawns in a hidden struggle for power. One wrong move, and their future could be lost like stones in the sea.

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Earth Tremors


Challenge is coming. Shani and Masud, the duo comprising the earth Elemental Sphinx, can feel it in the unusual tectonic shifts rattling the walls of their home in India, their refuge. This overwhelming sense of impending doom tells them it’s time to return to Egypt.

After decades away, they are strangers in their homeland. And to each other. Somewhere along the way, the most critical piece of their combined power—their mental connection—weakened and snapped, leaving their power vulnerable and their hearts adrift, even as another Challenge bears down on them sooner than anyone expected.

Their oracle, Ramla, offers few clues and even less comfort. Not only does she sense that Shani and Masud’s connection has been sabotaged, Ramla herself is dying—another vital link on the verge of breaking right when they need it most.

From the tombs of Pharaohs to the halls of Elementals, Inc., Shani and Masud race to rekindle their love and find out who is behind the danger hurtling toward them—before the world is once again swallowed up in blood and chaos.

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Fox’s Lady



Dakota lost everything the day her fox shifter family was driven out of town on a lie. Property, standing, all of it gone. Her secret friendship with Maddox, the eldest son—and heir to the clans—of the Shunokh family was abandoned as well, left behind in the ruins of their lives.

 Years later one risky chance lies before her. To present herself for consideration to become Maddox’s mate, to restore her family’s honor and their standing with the fox shifters. She does not admit that she has another reason—to see Maddox again.

 Maddox has a duty to perform—one he hates. He must marry a woman with pure red fox shifter blood in order to lead the Maine clans. None of the eligible foxes tempt him—until he sees his old teenage crush at the party. His split-second decision to leave with her is insanity, but one look into her eyes and he doesn’t care.

 It was only supposed to be one night. Yet neither can let go. With each passing day their doomed passion grows. His parents will never allow her to be his choice, yet the more they are together the deeper their bond gets. Maddox has to choose a mate to lead the clans, and it cannot be Dakota.

 Will they risk it all for love, or give each other up forever?

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Fox’s Secret


Silas Shunokh would rather chew off his own leg than attend yet another wedding, but as the “spare heir” of the ruling fox shifter clan, he’s obligated. Then he spots a sultry beauty with a husky voice that sinks into his libido like grappling hooks.

 The woman is unlike any fox shifter he’s ever encountered before. Who is she? And why does she seem unimpressed with his status? Not that Silas cares, but he’s…intrigued.

 Marlene Lisica’s family left Maine’s tangled web of fox society and politics before she was born. Except for her grandmother, who lives on its outskirts—figuratively and literally. With grandmother’s health failing, Marlene plans to move within reach, while keeping the Maine shifters at arm’s length.

 Then she shakes Silas’s hand, and a shockwave of desire bolts up her arm. Silas is going to be trouble—maybe the good kind. But the truth she learns from her grandmother is another kind of trouble. The kind that changes everything…

Note: Fox’s Secret is part of the Heart of a Fox series, but can be read as a standalone.

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A Feather of Air


Vadoma should have learned the joy of freeing her Vântoase air talent at her mother’s knee. Instead, tragedy landed her in a virtual prison, controlled by her overbearing Aunt Bizzy. Until the woman abruptly hauls her off to France—and Vadoma realizes this is no impromptu vacation.

Bizzy has broken with Vântoase tradition to take a side in the upcoming Challenge between Elemental and Demonos. Worse, she’s offering up Vadoma as a pawn to help the Demonos win. In whatever way the Yalungur—a massive eagle shifter—wishes to use her.

As a rare male sylph, Rasmus is used to having all eyes on him. In fact, he’s counting on it. The distraction will aid his mission to keep the air beings from giving the Demonos an unfair advantage. He never counted on being distracted himself—by a gorgeous, dark-haired iele who doesn’t quite fit in.

When the Yalungur unsheathes his talons on Vadoma, Rasmus finds himself racing to save her. Now they’re both on the run, and quickly becoming joined at the heart. But as Challenge begins, Vadoma must reach deep within to awaken her sleeping powers—or she and Rasmus could be parted. Forever.

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