Sense of Adventure


“I felt like I was on an intense emotional journey while reading this book. Author Claire Davon has captured the essence of the characters in this heat sizzling drama.” —Stephanie Lasley, from The Kindle Book Review

What happens when a jaded man with nothing to believe in meets a woman who is afraid of living and who still sees life through rose-colored glasses?

Worlds collide when Hunter Dillon and Gina Taylor meet. A former BMX racer and current owner of an extreme sports company, Hunter had long ago given up on love and finds his solace in casual sex and living hard. Nothing and nobody has reached him since a tragedy in his young adulthood made him vow to never make himself vulnerable to love again. Gina has been taught by her mother to always take the safe route, do what’s expected, and never rock the boat.

Hunter and Gina are wildly attracted to each other at first sight, but neither is willing to risk their heart.

When circumstance forces Gina to accompany Hunter on a short local publicity tour, the sparks fly. With their attraction impossible to ignore, the question becomes whether two such different people can overcome their ingrained life lessons, and embrace new life, new love — and each other.

Life, family, and even the media conspire to break them up. In the end, they must decide whether their love is strong enough to withstand all these trials or if, at the end, they truly don’t have a sense of adventure.

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Cool, competent Terri August is nothing like her love-crazed self of ten years earlier, obsessed with rock star Clarke Masters, who called her his stalker. But when he appears as her label’s new A&R rep, she’s shocked to find he doesn’t know her. Her logical side tells her to stay away from him, but every time she looks into those familiar emerald eyes, awareness sizzles along her nerve endings.

Clarke’s substance abuse in previous years has left holes in his memory and his life in chaos. He’s looking for redemption, not romance, but his searing attraction to Terri shatters everything he knew about desire and makes him feel alive. Uncovering her secrets and facing his demons may be his only way to a new life.

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Ally Wilson should have been a slam dunk for VP until transplanted marketing executive Dirk Roberts takes what's rightfully hers. A dubious reputation dogs Dirk, and her boss wants her to keep an eye on him. One look from Dirk's searing sensual gaze and her world shifts.

Dirk never intended to be in Los Angeles, but a shattered reputation forced him to take desperate measures. He wants to repair his name and get out of the sprawling city. Ally's haunting curves and undeniable appeal won't change that, much as he yearns for her.

Their coming together is inevitable, as is the waiting disaster if their relationship becomes known. Can two damaged souls find happiness—or will their pasts destroy them?

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Stirred with Peppermint

 This is a trilogy of three in Wild Rose Press' Christmas Cookies series in paperback format. It features my novelette Peanut Blossoms and the Matchmaking Kitten!

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